EMS Newsletter #26

24/03/2024   1

Content: IWWF Directories Maintenance (Federation Directory - Competition Sites Directory - Athletes Directory - Event Calendar)

Training documents - Scorers (Lion System) and Event Organisers

11/03/2024   3

Attached are three EMS training documents for the Scorers and Event Organisers, including online payments of competition fees with PayPal.

EMS Newsletter #25

23/02/2024   1

Content: - Foreign Athletes skiing in the USA - World Waterski Ranking List: important message to the Waterski scorers - Online payments of competition fees with PayPal - Update Officials’ status in EMS (Judges’ levels, etc.) - Cablewakeboard implementation in EMS - Athletes registered in EMS under two Federations, attention to IWWF Eligibility Rules! - Ask your Athletes to update their EMS profile, a request from the IWWF Media Team

EMS Newsletter #24

02/08/2023   1

Content: The Event Organisers can now collect the payments of their competition fees through PayPal - Other new functionalities also available in the competition fees management, sites screens and competition details in the public section - Cable Wakeboard is preparing to join EMS.

EMS Training Management Competition Fees and Online Payments through PayPal

31/07/2023   1

Here is the training documentation for the EVENT ORGANISERS to manage their competition fees. The Event Organisers now have the option (not mandatory) to collect their competition fees online through PayPal, one of the most trusted options when it comes to online payments. PayPal supports 25 currencies and is available in over 200 countries, meaning that it’s a truly global option for the more than 700 Event Organisers and 62 National Federations affiliated to the IWWF.

EMS Newsletter #23

22/01/2023   1

New EMS functionality for the Event Organisers: you can now manage your competition fees through EMS!

EMS Newsletter #22

19/11/2022   1

WORLD WAKEBOARD BOAT RANKING LIST The World Wakeboard Ranking List is now available on based on the 5 best results of more than 700 riders in 33 countries to date. It has been developed according to the Rules provided by the World Wakeboard Boat Council. Should you have comments or questions regarding these Rules, please do not hesitate to contact Nuno Eca, Chairman of the World Wakeboard Boat Council at .

EMS Newsletter #21

03/11/2022   1

Content: New functionalities available in EMS • Officials Management • Ask your Athletes to update their EMS Athlete Profile • Add attachments, bulletins, pictures and logos in EMS • Important reminder for the skiers who participate in Waterski Tournaments in the USA • Lion Scoring System – Organisation

EMS Newsletter #20

03/11/2022   1

Good News for the Scorers: new EMS function "Edit Competition Participation" - “New Participation” registration of Athletes - Important reminder for the Scorers: want to avoid problems uploading your results from the Lion Scoring System to EMS? - Jury Panel invitations: complete process available in EMS - And coming soon…. The World Ranking List Wakeboard Boat

EMS Newsletter #19

27/04/2022   1

Content: Sanctioning of competitions - Jury Panel invitations: Email now sent to invited Officials - Some Officials are not yet EMS users - Various functional enhancements in EMS - Scoring System: New global contract with Emmanuel Lion - Tournaments in the USA