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WORLD WAKEBOARD BOAT RANKING LIST The World Wakeboard Ranking List is now available on https://ems.iwwf.sport/RankingList based on the 5 best results of more than 700 riders in 33 countries to date. It has been developed according to the Rules provided by the World Wakeboard Boat Council. Should you have comments or questions regarding these Rules, please do not hesitate to contact Nuno Eca, Chairman of the World Wakeboard Boat Council at nuno.eca@wakeboardcouncil.com .

World Wakeboard Boat Ranking List


The World Wakeboard Boat Ranking List is now available https://ems.iwwf.sport/RankingList based on the 5 best results of more than 700 riders in 33 countries to date.

It has been developed according to the Rules provided by the World Wakeboard Boat Council (to see them, click the green button “Ranking List Rules” at the top of the Ranking List screen). Should you have comments/questions regarding these Rules, click the green button “Questions?” or contact Nuno Eca, Chairman of the World Wakeboard Council at nuno.eca@wakeboardcouncil.com .


How to use the ranking list?


·        Click the blue button “Expand All” on top right of the list to see all details together

·        Click the “Athletes Name” to get their individual scoring details

·        Results that the calculators have not uploaded to EMS and/or results that have only been published on iwwfed.ea.org are not included

·        It is only based on results issued by the Lion Scoring System and uploaded to EMS (results from other Scoring Systems or calculated manually through Excel spreadsheets cannot be added)

·        This Ranking List is updated on a daily basis

·        Through the filter functions you can search per Name and sort the list per Category, Confederation, Federation and other sort criteria

·        It does not include Wakesurf which is a separate project under the responsibility of the Wakesurf Council (planned for 2023). It doesn’t include Wakeskate either which is not an official IWWF global discipline


How to get results in the ranking list?

The ranking list is calculated automatically according to the results uploaded from the Lion Scoring System to EMS. It is up to the Calculators to make sure that their results are correctly uploaded to EMS. Here a few recommendations to the Calculators for a successful upload:


·        DO NOT add or register any participant directly in the Lion Scoring System. Download everything from EMS because the leading and updated database is that of EMS

·        DO NOT add any Official directly in the Scoring System and control that all Officials have their MXXXXX Official ID correctly registered in the column “Official ID” of the Scoring System

·        Make ALL your last minute changes, additional participants or Officials, etc. in EMS and download them from EMS to the Scoring System through incremental downloads (you can make as many incremental downloads as you need)

·        DO NOT FORGET to click all your age categories on the classification window of the Scoring System before you upload the results to EMS. If not, there will simply be no results uploaded!

·        Upload your results AT THE SAME TIME to EMS and to iwwfed.ea.org (do not postpone the upload to EMS to a later date because it causes technical issues in the background, the leading system being EMS).


It is important to note that the more the riders participate in 3 to 6 Stars competitions, the better chance they have to get a good placement in the ranking list.


Be aware that if results do not appear in the public section of EMS, they also do not count for the Ranking List. It means that they haven’t been uploaded (or not correctly uploaded) by the Calculator and it is up to the Federations to clarify such issues with their respective Calculators and Riders.


Last but not least, please note that the World Wakeboard Council reserves the right to downgrade the homologation level (number of stars) allocated to a competition if it doesn’t comply to the ranking rules.


For further information on the download/upload of data from/to EMS and the Scoring System, please refer to the EMS Scorer Training Document.






If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources .


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