EMS newsletter #11

01/03/2022   1

Content: Difference between Federation Administrator and Federation User • What happens when we set an Athlete as inactive? • Register Foreign Athlete IDs in the US System• Wakesurf is now in EMS • Let your athletes know who is their EMS contact person in your Federation • Title Events Entry Lists, Procedure 2021 for all disciplines• Un-merge tool • Can I re-approve a cancelled competition?

IWWF License - World Waterski Rules 2021


The Federations should ensure that all their athletes hold a valid IWWF License before participating in "L", "R" "CP" or Titled event. Skiers without valid IWWF license cannot take part in those tournaments.

IWWF License


New video "Introducing the IWWF License" - Click below to view the video - You can purchase your License 2021 on the EMS home page, in the "Athletes" section. Just click on the green button "Purchase IWWF Licenses": it's quick and easy!

EMS Newsletter #10

01/03/2022   1

Content: It’s time for your Event Organisers and Scorers/Calculators to familiarize with the EMS System. Other information included in this Newsletter: • Control of your National Licences through EMS • Integration of Cable Wakeboard into the EMS System • Can an Organiser manage his competitions in EMS? • How are Officials (Judges, Scorers, Drivers, Homologators, etc.) invited to the Jury Panel? • How can a confirmed User change the Email address of his Login? • Can a merged operation of Officials or Athletes be cancelled?

EMS Newsletter #9

01/03/2022   1

Content: In this Newsletter: IWWF Ranking Lists now in EMS… and we can also publish your National Ranking Lists! - Information for Organisers - Information for Scorers - IWWF Licences - Important reminder

Purchase your IWWF Licence 2021


Quick and easy on the EMS Website in the Member Section (or on the Athletes’ page if you are not yet a Member) - From a Computer or a Smartphone - Yearly Licence USD25 - One-Time Licence USD7 - Pay by Credit Card in USD or in Euro

EMS Newsletter #8

01/03/2022   1

Content: Special Edition IWWF Licence - Overall Concept and Licence Purchasing Process

EMS Newsletter #7

02/12/2020   1

Please find attached our EMS Newsletter #7 with: - important reminders - new functionalities available in EMS - Information on the new IWWF Licence

The IWWF Licence explained

05/12/2020   1

Message from the IWWF Executive Board - Learn more about the new IWWF Licence

EMS Newsletter #6

01/11/2020   1

Please find attached our IWWF Event Management System (EMS) Newsletter #6 with updated information on: • How to run a competition with EMS? • Task of the Scorer in EMS and the Scoring System • Further EMS functionalities in preparation