EMS Newsletter #24


Content: The Event Organisers can now collect the payments of their competition fees through PayPal - Other new functionalities also available in the competition fees management, sites screens and competition details in the public section - Cable Wakeboard is preparing to join EMS.

New functionality for the Event Organisers

Online collection of Competition Fees 


The Event Organisers now have the option (not mandatory) to collect their competition fees online through PayPal, one of the most trusted options when it comes to online payments. PayPal supports 25 currencies and is available in over 200 countries, meaning that it’s a truly global option for the more than 700 Event Organisers and 62 National Federations affiliated to the IWWF.


The National Federations will be contacted separately by the EMS Team to arrange group demonstrations of this new feature for those of their Organisers who are interested. Here a summary of how it works:   


The Organiser:

·       Must hold a PayPal BUSINESS account on which the collected competition fees will be credited. Opening such an account is free of charge (see PayPal BUSINESS account) but If the Organiser already holds a PayPal PRIVATE account, he just needs to upgrade it to BUSINESS.

·       Prepares his competition price list under the “Finance” tab of the EMS “Competition Details”, as described in the video tutorial “Ems Manual payments for Organisers” and the document “EMS Training Management Competition fees”

·       Indicates his PayPal credentials (account number, client ID, secret code) under “Settings” in the EMS competition details “Finance” tab section.

·       PayPal will charge standard fees to the Organiser for the collected transactions (approx. 3% depending on the countries). Nothing is charged to the Athletes.


The Athlete:


·       Registers to the competition in EMS and chooses at the end how he wants to pay. This is self-explanatory.

·       Has the choice to pay either by credit card or from his PayPal PRIVATE account if he holds one. Opening such an account by PayPal is free of charge (see PayPal PRIVATE account) and no transaction fees are charged to the Athlete (the Organiser pays the transaction fees).

·       If he chooses to pay by credit card, PayPal will request his contact details (address, phone, email, etc.) but if he has a PayPal PRIVATE account, he will not have to provide all these information which are already stored in the PayPal system. It is therefore an advantage for the Athletes to hold a PayPal PRIVATE account.

·       The Athlete can also pay separately at a later date by clicking the blue “Pay” button on his “My Competition” list in the Member Section. 

General information:


·       All payments are processed directly between the Athlete and the Organiser, the IWWF is not a party of those payment transactions and has no access to the details of the payments that the Organiser receives. All payment links are provided solely for the convenience of the Athlete and Organiser, who are solely responsible for all transactions.

·       Refunds (full or partial) if accepted by the Organiser, must be handled directly between the Athlete and the Organiser, through PayPal or otherwise. The IWWF/EMS is not involved in any refund negotiation and/or transaction.

·       Family payments (for groups with EMS family accounts) are possible. 

·       Federation group payments are also possible.

·       PayPal send automatic payment receipts by email to the Athlete and the Organiser once the payment is done.  

·       Should an invoice be requested by the Athlete, the Organisers can issue it in the PayPal system.

·       Most IWWF Organisers are non-profit associations exempt from taxes. However, some Schools/Cable Operators working on a profit basis may need to include local taxes (VAT, sales taxes, etc.) in their competition prices, according to their local laws and regulations. The IWWF declines any involvement/responsibility in tax issues.


Other new functionalities available in EMS


·       Competition Fees management:

o  The payment screen has been made more user-friendly and faster to register payments. A default payment date (current date) and country (Federation of the User) is now set automatically. A change is only necessary when different to the default 

o  The access to the Finance Tab is restricted to the Organiser. He may however newly assign an additional user in the field “User Access” of the Finance “Setting” tab. This second User can be a member of the same Club, or an Official or someone from the Federation but must imperatively be registered in EMS as an EMS User. It can also be a Federation Administrator temporarily assigned to help the Organiser.

·       Site screen:

o  The time zone and location of the site are now mandatory to register a new site

o  Sites no more used can now be set with status “Inactive”

o  Sites obsolete without any registered competitions can now be deleted.

·       Competition details on the public screen:

o  The free text “Competition CV” field appears now on the public screen to communicate the most important competition details. For more information you may also attach a competition bulletin.

o  As in the past, the “Remarks” field also allows you to highlight very special competition information.

o  The “Intention to Enter” date is now also visible on the public screen.


Cable Wakeboard is preparing to join EMS


Cable Wakeboard is preparing to join EMS at the end of the year. Due to heavy workload, the EMS Team will not be able to lead the implementation process which will be under the responsibility of the World Cable Wakeboard Council. A dedicated Project Manager has been appointed by the Cable Wakeboard Council for this purpose:


Felix Schneider felix.schneider@iwwf.sport


who is in charge of the data migration between Cablewakeboard.net and EMS, information and training of the Cable Wakeboard Community worldwide including a new Cable Wakeboard scoring system and a new Cable Wakeboard ranking list. More information will follow in due course. Any questions should be addressed directly to Felix Schneider.




If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources .


The EMS Team


Global EMS Administrator

Bernhard Kosch b.p.kosch@gmail.com


EMS Scorers/Calculators Support Team (Lion scoring system)

Bruce Cockburn (Oceania) bruce.cockburn6@gmail.com

Dany De Bakker (Europe) dany.debakker@gmail.com

Diego Restrepo (South-/Latin-America) diego_repo@yahoo.com


EMS Development Team

Peter Frei peter.frei@freipw.ch

Morten Froulund morten.froulund@mail.tele.dk


Cable Wakeboard Contact

Felix Schneider felix.schneider@iwwf.sport

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