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New EMS functionality for the Event Organisers: you can now manage your competition fees through EMS!

New functionality for the Event Organisers:

You can now manage your competition fees through EMS



We are pleased to introduce a new functionality to ease the job of the Event Organisers: from now on you can manage your competition fees (entry fees, training fees, meals, T-shirts, etc.) and use EMS to follow up the payments, whether done in cash or by check, bank transfer, credit card, etc. according to your local usage.


Prerequisite to use this function is that your Athletes have been registered as participants to the competition in EMS. If the Scorers/Calculators add Athletes directly in the scoring system, they will escape the EMS payment controls to the detriment of the Organisers. It is therefore important to remind your Scorers/Calculators that they should NOT add any Athlete directly in the scoring system but download all their participants from EMS.


This new functionality is not a payment system and your athletes must still pay separately, as done in the past.

The IWWF is working on a credit card payment system through EMS. However, please be aware that many of our 580 event Organisers around the world do not favour credit card payments for several reasons such as obligation to open an account at an eCommerce provider and pay commission fees, management of cancellations and refunds, local taxes or obligation to offer several types of payment in some countries, etc. Many event Organisers are also still using manual entry forms. 

As far as titled events are concerned, further functions will be added within the next few months to cover the specific needs of such events (intentions to enter, entry lists, payments, etc.). More information will follow.


How does this new functionality work? 


Here is how it works. See more details and procedure in the training document Management Competition Fees:


·       The Organiser creates his personalized “Competition Fees/Price List” (entry fees, late entry fees, practice fees, meals, T-shirts, other at his convenience) under the “Finances” tab of the competition details:

o  The “Competition Fees/Price List” is interactive and shows how many of each item: meals (normal or vegetarian!), practice sessions, T-shirts per size, etc. have already been ordered.

o  Late entry fees, if any, are applied automatically according to entry deadline set by the Organiser in the competition details.

o  The Organiser can use the EMS email system to send reminders for open payments and create an Excel file for easier controls on site.

·       The Athlete clicks the appropriate options when registering to the competition in EMS and is automatically informed of the total amount he has to pay.

·       The Athlete pays the Organiser separately by check, bank transfer, cash, credit card, etc. according to instructions received from the Organiser (Families and Groups can pay individually or make bulk payments as in the past).


·       Upon receipt of the payments, the Organiser enters the received amounts manually in his EMS “payments list” which automatically updates the overview list “Fees per participant” and the overall “Participants list”.


·       If the Organiser is using the EMS Waiting List option, he can approve the Athlete’s participation once the Competition Fees have been fully paid.


The “competition fees/Price List” is very flexible and adaptable to many specific needs. However, the wider the variety of offered fees (e.g. separate fees for families, students, officials, etc.) the more care of the Organiser is required to check the payer's eligibility for the chosen option. Therefore, our recommendation is to keep the price list as succinct as possible. 

Should you have any question or need a Zoom demonstration, please contact Bernhard Kosch, Global EMS Administrator, b.p.kosch@gmail.com






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