EMS Newsletter #9


In this Newsletter: IWWF Ranking Lists now in EMS… and we can also publish your National Ranking Lists! - Information for Organisers - Information for Scorers - IWWF Licences - Important reminder

Ranking Lists now in EMS

The IWWF World Ranking Lists 2019, 2020 and 2021 (partially) are in EMS*: Use the search filter to find the Ranking List of your choice per “season/year”, “discipline” and “type”. We can also publish your National Ranking Lists if desired: just send your URL link or an Excel based list to peterfrei@iwwf.sport .

Information for Event Organisers

·       YES, with EMS you can decide who participates in your competition! Online registration doesn’t mean that the Organiser has no control over his participants’ list! He can manage his list by setting the function “Waiting List” to ONE participant. From the second registration, the participants will be put on the waiting list allowing the Organiser to manage his list as he wants. Another similar alternative is to choose the competition type “Invitational” and in this case only the Organiser can register participants to the competition.  


·       You must register your competitions in the EMS Calendar. Results will not be taken into consideration for Ranking Lists if registrations are not done through EMS. Once the Federation Administrator has approved the competition, the Organiser should inform the potential participants to register directly in EMS and no more manually via email or registration forms as done in the past: this is a major improvement for the Organisers who can manage their participants’ list directly in EMS (possible payment of the entry fees via EMS is under development).

·       When a competition is created, the “Entry Status” is automatically set to “Registration Pending”, i.e. Athletes cannot yet register. Do not forget to set the status to “Registration Open” once the competition is open for registration and complete the competition details with useful information for the Athletes, i.e. Bulletin, Competition CV, Remarks, etc.   

Information for Scorers

·       The Wakeboard boat Scorers/Calculators must download the Competition Details, Jury panel and Riders from EMS to the IWWF Scoring System, run the competition in the Scoring System as in the past and upload the final results to EMS. Attention! The competition results must also be PUBLISHED in the Scoring System through the “Publish E&A Competition Dossier” function (click here to see how to do it ). 

·       From 2021 it is effective that all competitions must be run through EMS and the participants data to be electronically downloaded to the IWWF Scoring System. Scorers will not be able to register homologated competitions manually in the IWWF Scoring System anymore.

IWWF Licences

You want to control who has already taken an IWWF Licence in your country? You can do it from your Athletes List in EMS through the search filters which are as follows:

·       “With a Licence” shows all Athletes having ordered a “Multiple Competition” or a “Single Competition” Licence independent whether the “Single Competition” Licence has been consumed/redeemed or not

·       “Without a Licence shows all Athletes having not ordered a Licence

·       “With available Licence” shows all Athletes who have a valid “Multiple Competition” Licence or a ticket for a “Single Competition” Licence available to be “consumed/redeemed” in the next competition participation.

The Athletes must purchase their IWWF Licence before registering to their first event of the year**. They can view their Licence account in their EMS profile: Expand the “Identity Athlete” section and scroll down to the bottom, expand the “Licences” section and you will see all ordered and consumed/redeemed Licences.

Athletes’ Licences will be controlled upon registrations to competitions AND before publication of the Ranking Lists: names that will not be linked to a valid Licence will not appear on the Ranking Lists.

And last but not least….

To the Federation Administrators: If not yet done, please register your Athletes in EMS and invite them to log into the system. This will considerably ease your job and that of the Organisers, especially to communicate with the Athletes through the EMS Mailing Tool. The EMS database is YOUR database. Keep it up-to-date!

Thanks for your understanding.


If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources . Please contact Peter Frei peterfrei@iwwf.sport  if you have questions or need a ZOOM demonstration on the EMS System.

Your EMS Project Team

* Wakeboard Boat ranking-list: work in progress. Wakeboard Cable ranking-list: will follow once the discipline is integrated in EMS

** IWW Licence required for competitions based on Homologation Codes: Barefoot/Waterski: Record Capability, Ranking List. Cableski: Record Capability, Normal. Wakeboard Boat/Wakeboard Cable: 3 to 6 Stars (the Licence purchasing program will be activated to the Cablewake Riders once their discipline is integrated in EMS). 

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