EMS newsletter #11


Difference between Federation Administrator and Federation User • What happens when we set an Athlete as inactive? • Register Foreign Athlete IDs in the US System • Wakesurf is now in EMS • Let your athletes know who is their EMS contact person in your Federation • Title Events Entry Lists, Procedure 2021 for all disciplines • Un-merge tool • Can I re-approve a cancelled competition?

Difference between a Federation Administrator and a Federation User

A Federation Administrator can:

·        invite Users (Athletes and Member & Officials)

·        use the Mailing tool

A Federation User can create everything for the Federation except inviting new Users:

·        create/edit/update Athletes, Member & Officials, Competitions, Sites

·        add Officials to the Jury Panel

·        add Athletes to the Participation List of a competitions

·        download Competition data and participants to the Scoring System

·        upload Files from the Scoring System

·        use the Mailing Tool of Competitions

·        view/edit the User List

Some Federations want to restrict the invitation of new Users to selective people due to Membership control. That’s why we have the separation between Federation Administrator and Federation User. Normally a Federation Administrator should also be Federation User but it is up to the Federation how to handle it.


What happens when we set an Athlete as inactive?

If you set an athlete as INACTIVE in EMS because he has not paid your Federation membership or any other reason, please note that it disactivates only his future activities, i.e. if he has registered to a competition before you set him as inactive, his registration remains valid. However, you can decide in agreement with the Competition Organiser, to set him on waiting list or remove him from the participant’s list until he has paid his Federation membership.


Register Foreign Athlete IDs in the US System

Very important! Please remind your athletes participating in competitions in the USA to enter their EMS Athlete ID in the foreign Federation ID field of the US Membership System. If not, their results will be reported to the World Ranking List under their US Athlete ID which will create duplicate entries with their Home Federation Athlete ID.

An Athlete needs only one IWWF Licence even if he is registered in the US system and another foreign Federation but he must indicate his foreign Federation Athlete ID in the US system and he must purchase his IWWF Licence under his Home Federation ID (and not under the US Federation ID). 


Wakesurf is now in EMS

The Wakesurf discipline is now in EMS. You can register your Surf and Skim athletes in the EMS athletes list and invite them to become users. Please also enter your Wakesurf competitions into the calendar of events and ask your Wakesurfers to register through EMS.


Let your athletes know who is their EMS contact person in your Federation 

The central EMS Administrator is taking care of 6’200 athletes of 6 different disciplines in 57 countries and reforwarding contact requests addressed to the central EMS system to the Federations for reply is time consuming. To reduce this administrative burden and make sure that questions are answered rapidly, please inform all your athletes who is their contact person in your Federation for questions related to the use of the EMS system or the IWWF License.

Titled Events Entry Lists – Procedure 2021 for all disciplines

In view of recent new requirements to be taken into consideration and training of the people involved, it will not be feasible to have an EMS solution of the Entry List Titled Events available for the Federations for 2021. Therefore, we will run the Titled Events Entry Lists 2021 through the standard procedures of the past for all disciplines. This means that the Federations will not register the participants in EMS and this will be done by the Discipline Administrators or the Scorers based on the Entry List forms used in the past.


Un-merge tool

EMS has a Merge function under Menu item “Tools” to eliminate duplicate Athletes or Member & Officials. It can happen that such a merge is done erroneously. With the red “Rollback” button on the Merge screen you can cancel an erroneous Merge and re-create the situation before the Merge. 


Can I re-approve a cancelled competition?

Yes, you can do so by clicking on the green “Approve” button on the bottom of the Competitions Details screen. This function is not possible for competitions with a competition date in the past.


Thanks for your understanding.




If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources . Please contact Peter Frei peterfrei@iwwf.sport  if you have questions or need a ZOOM demonstration on the EMS System.


Your EMS Project Team

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