EMS Newsletter #14


Content: Upload of results in EMS • Introducing a new Competition Details screen • You can now send mails to your Waiting List • What are the advantages of the Waiting List? • Use of the EMS mail tool • Livescores • Wakeboarder / Wakesurfers now identified on Athletes’ screens • And some reminders for the Organisers

Upload of results in EMS


Following our Newsletter #13, a few important points:

·        When registering Officials and/or Athletes directly in the scoring system, the scorers should not forget to enter also the EMS ID numbers. If Officials or Athletes ID numbers are missing, the upload in EMS will not work

·        In « Print/Individual Classification » of the Scoring System the scorer should choose the classifications that he wants to upload to EMS through the new « Export to Xml file (EMS) » function to create the EMS file similar how it works for printing results through the function “Export to Pdf file »

·        The competition logo appears on the results only if the organiser has uploaded it in the "Competition Details"

·        As per Newsletter #13, from now on the scorers must upload their results to EMS (and also retroactively their results since January 1, 2021) in addition to publishing them on the Scoring System website as in the past.

·        Team results are currently not yet available for the upload but is in preparation

·        See the video tutorial EMS Upload Results from the scoring system for more details.


Introducing a new Competition Details screen


The Calendar Competition page has been redesigned giving more information to Athletes, Officials, Media and Public about a competition:


·        All information of the competition from the Member Section is available except the “CV” section which will follow soon

·        The logo of the competition is displayed when uploaded in the Member Section

·        The picture of the site is displayed when uploaded under the “Sites” (see menu “Sites” in the Member Section). Site pictures make the pages more attractive and we invite you to use this opportunity (upload through the Federation Administrator)  


A list of the participants is in preparation and will also be published on the new Competition Details screen.


You can now send mails to your Waiting List


Good news: Organisers can now also send emails to their Waiting List participants through the “Email” tab of the Competition Details.


What are the advantages of the Waiting List?


Generally, the Waiting List function of the Competition Details allows you to set participants registering to a competition automatically on the Waiting List once the “Entry Limit” (maximum numbers of participants) or the “Entry Deadline” has been reached. Subsequently, the Organiser can “Accept/Reject” participants on the Waiting List through respective buttons. The Athlete sees his status “Approved or Waiting List” on his “My Competitions” screen. However, no emails are sent to participants. It is expected that Users regularly consult their EMS menu.


Organiser who would like to have more control over the registration of their participants we recommend to set the

“Entry Limit” to ONE participant which will put all Athletes registering to a competition automatically to the Waiting List. This allows the Organiser subsequently to decide who he allows to participate in his competition. Some Federations use this function also to accept the participants only once he has paid the Entry Fee.


Use of the EMS mail tool


The mail tool has many advantages but one inconvenience: it sends the mails from the address ems-info@iwwf.sport and people frequently reply to this address instead of replying to the creator of the mail. We are working on a better alternative but in the meantime, in order to avoid that some replies get lost, please begin all your mails with the sentence on top: “PLEASE REPLY TO xxxx@xxxxxxx.xx (sender’s email address)”.




We are preparing the function Livescores, which will be visible on the EMS Public Calendar Competition Details.

But of course, in the meantime it is still available on the Scoring System webpage http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/


Wakeboarder / Wakesurfers now identified on Athlete screen


For technical reasons no competition results Wakeboard and Wakesurf could be migrated from the Scoring System when EMS has been launched. This resulted to the fact that when searching for Riders or Surfers on the Athletes screen no Athletes became visible since they can only be identified with their discipline once they have competition results in EMS. In the meantime, the first Wakeboard Wakesurf competitions have taken place and those participants appear now on the Athletes screen when searching the Wakeboard or Wakesurf discipline. More will appear when you upload the results of your own Wakeboard / Wakesurf competitions.

And some reminders for the Organisers: please don’t forget…


·        Close the registrations to the competitions in EMS once the deadline has been reached or the competition has not taken place!

·        Cancel the competition if it does not take place. Do not delete it!

·        Upload your competition logo in the Competition Details. It will also be published on the Public Calendar Competition Details

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