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Content: Special Edition Scorers/Calculators #2 - Upload of results in EMS: Warnings and Error messages - How to avoid errors?

Special Edition Scorers/Calculators #2

Upload of results from the scoring system to EMS



Warnings and error messages


1.    EMS issues “warning” messages upon results upload to inform you of potential issues. These are only warnings and you can continue the upload process.

Examples of warnings:

·        Last or First Name of the scoring system does not correspond with names in EMS

·        The Official does not have a Qualification information (J1, S1, D1, etc.)


2.    EMS issues “error” messages blocking the upload process mostly when: 

·        An Athlete that you exceptionally added directly in the scoring system: 

a)    Has a wrong EMS Athlete ID in the scoring system “Ranking ID” field. You must register the EMS Athlete ID that is in the EMS Athletes Section

b)    Is not existing in EMS. In this case, please ask the national EMS Federation Administrator to registers the Athlete in EMS and give you the EMS Athlete ID 

c)    Has no valid IWWF License for this competition: report the case to the national EMS Federation Administrator. As long as this Athlete has no License, the

whole upload is blocked


·        You have exceptionally added an Official directly in the scoring system but forgot to register his/her EMS Official ID number (MXXXX) in the field “Official ID” of the

scoring system Jury Panel. Please do not forget to indicate the correct Official EMS ID in the Scoring System


How to avoid errors?


1.    Do NOT create competitions directly in the scoring system but create them in EMS and download them from EMS.

2.    Do NOT register/add Athletes or Officials directly in the scoring system but download them from EMS.

If you download the Participants/Officials lists directly from EMS before the competition, you should not have any problem to upload your results afterwards.

  • if you are exceptionally obliged to register a Participant or an Official directly in the scoring system, add him/her in the “Participation/Jury Panel” tabs of the EMS “Competitions Details”. When you register an Athlete, the system will check for you whether he has an IWWF Licence. If the Athlete or the Official is correctly registered in EMS you now have two options:

  • The scoring system allows the incremental upload of Athletes and Officials and adds them to the Participants List and/or Jury Panel. Download the data from the “Competitions Details in EMS and import the file into the scoring system through the function “File/Import EMS File”. The system will ask you whether you want to “Add Athletes or Officials from the imported file” or whether you want to “Close the current competition and create a new from the import”·        The registration of the Athletes/Officials will confirm you the correct ID’s which you subsequently can note from the Participants list or the Jury Panel (click on the “+Add Official” button and you will get the Official ID). Register the EMS ID’s to the manually entered Athlete/Official 

3.    Do not forget to click ALL concerned age categories in the classification list of the scoring system before uploading your results in EMS. If not, the

upload will show a successful upload message but in reality there will be no results (or only partial results) visible in the EMS public section and this will cause

problems for the ranking-lists.

4.    Check whether your results correctly appear in the public part of the EMS system after having uploaded them. 

5.    If you do not upload your 2021 competition results in EMS they will be missing in the EMS Athletes results, the historical EMS Calendar Competition results and

the results will not be part of the planned Wakeboard Boat and Wakesurfing Ranking Lists to be implemented for the year 2021.   


If you need more information please have a look at the Newsletter #13 or refer to the video tutorial available on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources

Please contact Peter Frei peterfrei@iwwf.sport  if you need a ZOOM demonstration.

The EMS Project Team

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