EMS Newsletter #19


Content: Sanctioning of competitions - Jury Panel invitations: Email now sent to invited Officials - Some Officials are not yet EMS users - Various functional enhancements in EMS - Scoring System: New global contract with Emmanuel Lion - Tournaments in the USA

Sanctioning of competitions


·        The sanctioning of Waterski Record Capability competitions is no more necessary by submitting a special form to the http://www.iwsf.com/ website. It is sufficient to register the competition in EMS and it will automatically request the approval by the global EMS Waterski Discipline Administrator. Once the competition is approved, the registration of participants becomes possible  

·        Pro Tour competitions can be registered in EMS but need the submission of a special sanctioning form to the Pro Tour Committee which is available on https://www.waterskiprotour.com/application-form. The link is also available when you register the competition in EMS. Like Record Capability competitions, Pro Tour events also need the approval of the EMS Waterski Discipline Administrator

·        All other competitions need the sanctioning/approval of a National EMS Federation Administrator of the organising Federation


Jury Panel invitations: Email now sent to invited Officials


·        An Email is now sent to the Official invited by an Organiser, Federation or Discipline Administrator to a Jury Panel. The Official is subsequently requested to “Accept/Reject” the invitation in his EMS “My Jury Panel” menu function

·        An Email can of course only be sent to the Official if he has been invited as an EMS User and if he has confirmed the User invitation


Some Officials are not yet EMS users


·        Some Officials are still not registered in EMS or haven’t accepted their invitation to become “EMS Users” yet. Consequently, the EMS automatic Jury Panel invitation process cannot take place for those Officials

·        Federation Administrators are requested to register all their active Officials and invite them as EMS Users. The Officials must be reminded to accept your invitations to become “EMS Users”

·        Attention: In the upcoming weeks (date to be announced) we prepare that it will not be possible anymore to invite Officials to Jury Panels if they are not confirmed EMS Users (not invited/not confirmed). Many thanks to the EMS Federation Administrators to follow-up on those Officials


Various functional enhancements in EMS


·        Competitions Member Section: It is now possible to search for “Cash Prize competitions” and for “Competitions with Results”

·        Competition Details: In the past, a mail has been sent to the Federation Contact and the Organiser when any data field of the Competition Details changed. Now, a mail is only sent when one of the following data fields have changed: Site, Competition Date, Events, Age Cat table

·        Sites can now be set to status “Inactive”

·        Athletes and Member & Officials: The “Status Code” and the “Contact Email” plus additional fields are now part of the Excel downloads

·        Athletes and Member & Officials: The “Status Code” is now part of the online Athletes and Officials lists

·        Federation Directory: It is now possible to register the social media links Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of a Federation 


 Scoring System – New global contract with Emmanuel Lion


The contract of the Scoring System with Emmanuel Lion is now managed centrally by the IWWF. The advantage is that from now on Federations will not receive invoices from Emmanuel Lion anymore and that the coordination of changes in the Scoring System and EMS will be ensured through the EMS Team. The software licenses for the Scoring System are now financed by IWWF and its Confederations. 


The Confederation and Federation Sport Councils should communicate all their changes, especially age categories, to the EMS Team (Peter Frei peter.frei@freipw.ch) who will liaise with Emmanuel Lion to coordinate changes in both systems. Changes need to be implemented simultaneously in EMS and the Scoring System to avoid errors when downloading/uploading data between the two systems and to ensure a correct functioning of the ranking lists. Please communicate changes early before the season start. Some changes may create quite a workload and consequently need a sufficient lead time. Please also be aware that changes may influence already registered competitions and participations in EMS. Example: An age limit of a category is changed and many Athletes have already registered to competitions for this category in EMS, the change is no more possible. Many thanks in advance for your understanding.


Tournaments in the USA


Please remind all your Athletes that if they participate in tournaments in the USA, they must indicate their Federation and Home Federation EMS Athlete number on their profile in the US-membership system. See example in the Newsletter #17. If they forget, they will not be able to register to the tournament and will complain that they have trouble with their License! It is their responsibility to update their profile in the US-membership system. 



If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources .




The EMS Team


EMS Global Administrator

Bernhard Kosch b.p.kosch@gmail.com


EMS Scorers/Calculators Support Team

Bruce Cockburn (Oceania) bruce.cockburn6@gmail.com

Dany De Bakker (Europe) dany.debakker@gmail.com

Diego Restrepo (South-/Latin-America) diego_repo@yahoo.com


EMS Development

Peter Frei peter.frei@freipw.ch

Morten Froulund morten.froulund@mail.tele.dk

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