EMS Newsletter #20


Good News for the Scorers: new EMS function "Edit Competition Participation" - “New Participation” registration of Athletes - Important reminder for the Scorers: want to avoid problems uploading your results from the Lion Scoring System to EMS? - Jury Panel invitations: complete process available in EMS - And coming soon…. The World Ranking List Wakeboard Boat

Good news for the Scorers: New EMS function "Edit Competition Participation"


An important and very useful enhancement has been implemented recently in EMS which will considerably ease your work in the preparation of competitions. Until now it has been necessary to remove a participant if changes of his participation happened. Now there is an “Edit” button available on the Participation list (the red button on the right side of the screen). Once you have clicked the “Edit” button you will be able to change the Category, Events, Jump height, Entry Types (Titled Events) on the “Edit Participation” window. On the appropriate boxes your current entries are displayed. To change one of them click on the appropriate box and the available entries will appear from which you can select the new entry. By clicking/de-clicking the appropriate Event box you can add or remove an Event.


“New Participation” registration of Athletes


·        On the “New Participation” window where Athletes register to competitions or Organisers/Federation Administrators register their Athletes to competitions the process has been somehow misleading. Previously, the first entries of the drop-box tables have been displayed and the Users tended to click just on the first entry without looking at the other options

·        It is now mandatory to open the drop-box and select an entry from the visible list of Age Categories the Athlete is entitled to participate

·        This will be of big support for the Scorers who often had to correct the entries last minute before the competition


Important reminder for the Scorers/Calculators:

Want to avoid problems uploading your results from the Lion Scoring System to EMS?


·        Don’t add or register Athletes or Jury members directly in the Lion scoring system but download them from EMS

-   It guarantees that their citizenship, ranking ID number and birth year are correct and that they have a valid IWWF License (if one of them has no IWWF license, it will block the entire results upload of all the other Athletes having participated in the competition)

-   If you are absolutely obliged to add a Jury member directly in the scoring system, don’t forget to add his/her EMS ID number (MXXXXX) in the column “Official ID” of the scoring system

·        Don’t change Athletes’ ranking ID numbers that have been downloaded from EMS

·        Don’t change Athletes’ birth years that have been downloaded from EMS

·        Don’t make last minute changes directly in the scoring system but update the scoring system through incremental downloads from EMS according to IWWF EMS Scorers training document

·        After having uploaded your results, check in the EMS public Calendar whether they appear correctly at the bottom of the competition page (see video tutorial EMS Upload of results from the Scoring System)

The correct names, citizenships, ranking ID’s and birth years are the ones from the leading IWWF EMS database which is under the responsibility of the Federations, not those that you may see in the scoring system. The database of the scoring system is not up to date. Therefore, please always use the data that are in EMS and you will not have any problems.


Jury Panel invitations: complete process available in EMS


·        The Jury Panel invitations can now completely be managed through EMS

·        An Email is sent to the Official invited to a by an Organiser, Federation or Discipline Administrator. The Official is subsequently requested to “Accept/Reject” the invitation in his EMS “My Jury Panel” menu function

·        When the Organiser, Federation or Discipline Administrator accepts or rejects a Jury Panel participation request of an Official by clicking the appropriate buttons on the Jury Panel, the Official will be informed accordingly by an email automatically generated by EMS

·        An Email can of course only be sent to the Official if he is a confirmed EMS User

·        An Official who has not been invited by an EMS Federation Administrator/User to become an EMS User or the Official who has not confirmed this invitation cannot be invited to a Jury Panel

·        This EMS process allows the Organiser of competitions to fully manage the invitations of Officials to Jury Panels within EMS. It is no more necessary to create manual emails. 


And coming soon…. The World Ranking List Wakeboard Boat


It will be available within the next few weeks. More details in our next Newsletter. Please note that this Ranking List will be based on the 1- to 6-Stars competition results uploaded in the EMS system through the Lion Scoring System.


If your results are not in EMS or if they have only been upload on iwwfed-ea.org/, they will NOT count and your Riders will complain that they don’t see their names on the Ranking List!!!


Therefore, in the interest of your Riders please make sure that all your results are correctly uploaded in EMS.




If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources .


The EMS Team


Global EMS Administrator

Bernhard Kosch b.p.kosch@gmail.com


EMS Scorers/Calculators Support Team

Bruce Cockburn (Oceania) bruce.cockburn6@gmail.com

Dany De Bakker (Europe) dany.debakker@gmail.com

Diego Restrepo (South-/Latin-America) diego_repo@yahoo.com


EMS Development & Management

Peter Frei peter.frei@freipw.ch

Morten Froulund morten.froulund@mail.tele.dk

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