EMS Newsletter #18


Content: Bernhard Kosch, new Global EMS Administrator - Change in the Lion Scoring System - Wakeboard Boat and Wakesurf Ranking List -Functional enhancements in EMS - Registration of participants to Titled Events now in EMS - What is the setting “Choose Athlete Entry Type”? - Inactive/suspended Athletes/Officials cannot register to competitions - Duplicated Athletes and Officials profiles.

Bernhard Kosch, new Global EMS Administrator

Bernhard Kosch is your new contact person for questions and issues related to the EMS system. You can contact him at b.p.kosch@gmail.com


Bernhard is Vice-President of the Austrian Waterski & Wakeboard Federation and also a regular EMS user. As announced in a previous Newsletter, an EMS Scorer Support Team composed of Dany De Bakker (Europe) Diego Restrepo (South-/Latin-America) and Bruce Cockburn (Oceania) is also at the disposal of your scorers and calculators in case of issues related to download of data from EMS to the scoring system or upload of results to EMS.


Peter Frei and Morton Froulund remain involved in the EMS project but concentrate on the development of the new functionalities.


Changes in the Lion Scoring System


From Spring 2022, it will not be possible anymore to create Ranking List competitions manually in the Lion Scoring System. All competitions homologated by the IWWF must be created in EMS, their participants (Athletes and Officials) be downloaded to the Lion Scoring System and their results be uploaded afterwards to EMS. It concerns the following homologation types: Barefoot: Record Capability, Ranking List, Normal; Cableski: Record Capability, Normal, WBW International; Wakeboard Boat: 1 to 6 Stars; Wakesurf: Ranking List; Waterski: Record Capability, Ranking List, Normal.


Non-homologated competitions such as local club, grass root or national events can still be created manually in the Scoring System. However, we recommend to use EMS for all types of competitions which has the advantage that all historical results of the Athletes are available in EMS.


Wakeboard Boat and Wakesurf World Ranking Lists


Creating World Ranking Lists for the Wakeboard Boat and Wakesurf disciplines is part of our 2022 priority list of EMS functional enhancements. Please make sure that your Wakeboard Boat & Wakesurf Organisers create all competitions in EMS and the Calculators download the participants to the Scoring System and upload the results at the end of the competition to EMS. This will avoid errors in the upload of results and help to publish representative and attractive World Ranking Lists. Only results uploaded to EMS will count for the Ranking Lists. Need help? Please Click HERE for EMS scorer/calculator training.


Functional enhancements in EMS


·        Organisers can now select just their own competitions by clicking on the box “Show only competitions that I'm assigned organizer” on the Competitions menu

·        The Excel downloads of the Athletes and Officials databases include now many additional fields among the email addresses if registered in the profiles

·        The Excel download of the User List includes now also the email addresses and can be used to send email from your personal email system instead of the EMS Mailing Tool


Registration of participants to Titled Events now in EMS


From now on the registration of participants to Titled Events (World Championships, Confederation Championships) have to be done in EMS. This replaces the “Entry List” registrations done through the separate system for Waterski and the paper forms for the other disciplines.


The registration of participants in EMS is only possible by the National EMS Federation Administrator and works as follows:


·        Select the Titled Event in the Competitions menu

·        Scroll down to the Participations section and click the “New participation” button to register the Athletes

·        You will be asked to register the Entry Type of the participant (Team Member, Individual Participant, Wild Card, Reserve)

·        The Entry Type will be included in the download to the scoring system.


The “Intention to Enter” form is still used by some disciplines based on traditional means as used in the past. This form will also become available in EMS for the 2023 Titled Events as well as the option of collecting Entry Fees by credit card. 


What is the setting “Choose Athlete Entry Type”?


There is a setting “Choose Athlete Entry Type specially prepared for Titled Events” on the Competition Details. This setting can also be used for any other type of competitions such as Regional Championships like the Scandinavian or Latin American Championships, etc. When the setting is clicked, the Entry Type is asked on the “New Participation” window to be filled in by the EMS Federation Administrators. The entry type will be included in the download to the scoring system. 


Inactive/suspended Athletes/Officials cannot register to competitions


EMS offers the possibility to set a status code to the Athlete and Official profiles in the Athlete History section with the following status types:


·        Active (no restrictions; can register to competitions

·        Inactive (no more member of a Federation); cannot register to competitions; see paragraph “Control your National Membership” in Newsletter #17)

·        Suspended (determined by a Federation, Confederation or World Council; cannot register to competitions)

·        Deceased


Inactive and suspended Athletes and Officials cannot register to competitions anymore and cannot be invited to competitions by Organisers and/or Federation Administrators.


Duplicated Athletes and Officials profiles


There are still duplicated Athlete and Official profiles in the respective EMS databases. This may create issues when registrations to competitions are done, for example:


·        An Athlete has purchased an IWWF Licence on one of the profiles but logically not on both. When he is registered to a competition and the wrong profile is selected, the registration will be rejected because of missing licence

·        The Official roles are only registered on of the two profiles. When he is registered to a competition and the wrong profile is selected, his current Official level is not available and will also not be downloaded to the scoring system

·        EMS Federation Administrators are requested to do a clean-up of the Athletes and Official databases. Duplicates can be eliminated by using the “Merge Tool”.




If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources .


The EMS Team


Contact Global EMS Administrator

Benhard Kosch b.p.kosch@gmail.com


Contacts EMS Scorers/Calculators Support Team

Bruce Cockburn (Oceania) bruce.cockburn6@gmail.com

Dany De Bakker (Europe) dany.debakker@gmail.com

Diego Restrepo (South-/Latin-America) diego_repo@yahoo.com

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