EMS Newsletter #17


Content: IWWF License 2022: purchasing function open in EMS - EMS Team: New Organisation as from January 2022 - EMS priorities 2022/2023 - Message for your athletes participating in tournaments in the USA - Control your National Memberships 2022 through EMS

IWWF Licenses 2022


Your skiers and riders can now purchase their IWWF Licenses 2022. Same procedure as in 2021. Validity of the Licenses: January 1 to December 31, 2022. Categories concerned:

-   Barefoot (Record Capability, Ranking List)

-   Cableski (Record Capability, Normal, International WBS)

-   Cable Wakeboard (World bulk agreement, no individual license purchase)

-   Wakeboard Boat (3 to 6 Stars)

-   Waterski (Record Capability, Ranking List)


EMS New Organisation as from January 2022 (see organisation chart)


New Global EMS Administrator: Bernhard Kosch (Austria) b.p.kosch@gmail.com . His functions are:

-   Global EMS Contact point and Federation Administrators’ support to allow Peter Frei and Morton Froulund to focus on the development of new functions. Please contact Bernhard for any question or issue you may have with EMS

-   Report technical issues and Federation Administrators’ needs to the Development Team

-   Participate in the work of the Development Team.


Scorers support Team: Dany De Bakker (Europe), Bruce Cockburn (Oceania), Diego Restrepo (South-/Latin-America) are available to assist other Scorers in their respective Confederations for the download/upload functions between EMS and the Scoring System.


Development Team - Project Managers: projects such as the integration in EMS of Cable Wakeboard or other disciplines, sanctioning system, national License control or other functionalities will only be possible if the requesting Confederations/Federations/Councils have dedicated Project Managers on their side. As in the past, new projects and system enhancements will be subject to technical and financial approval from the EMS Steering Committee and IWWF Executive Board.

 EMS Priorities 2022/2023 (subject to financial approval by the Executive Board)


1.    Registration/control entry fee payments (step 1: Spring 2022); payment by credit card (step 2: Autumn 2022)

2.    Title Events management: intention to enter and entry list (May 2022)

3.    World Ranking List Wakeboard Boat (May 2022)

4.    World Ranking List Wakesurf (June 2022)

5.    Wakeboard Cable implementation (December 2022)

6.    Replacement of ranking lists Disabled and Waterski (Nov 2022) Barefoot and Cableski (Jan 2023) from the Lion/Corson websites to EMS

7.    Replacement homologation process for all disciplines from the Lion/Corson websites to EMS (Nov 2022/Jan 2023)

8.    Seminar Management (2023)


Plus implementation of enhancement requests and some 170 enhancements known and partially reported to Qubiteq.


Remark: All dates listed are tentative and not yet confirmed by Qubiteq


Message for your athletes participating in tournaments in the USA


Please pass on this important message to all your athletes participating in tournaments in the USA: they should control that their Federation Code and Home Federation Athlete EMS number are correctly registered in the new US memberships system. If not, they will get into trouble with their IWWF License check when registering to US tournaments. 


Control your National Memberships 2022 through EMS


Federations can control in EMS that only Athletes and/or Officials having subscribed a National Membership and/or Licence can register to competitions. The athletes/officials can be set as “Inactive” which blocks their registrations to competitions. Once they have paid their National Membership and/or Licence you can set them back as “Active”. This is a new, special procedure. Should you be interested for your Federation please contact Peter Frei peterfrei@iwwf.sport for information. There is no video tutorial for this function.




If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/Calendar screen or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources .




The EMS Team

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