EMS Newsletter #8


Content: Special Edition IWWF Licence - Overall Concept and Licence Purchasing Process

Dear EMS Federation Administrators,

Based on a decision made at the 2019 IWWF Congress and according to the recent message from the IWWF Executive Board (click here) all athletes wishing to register for Ranking List (RL) / Record Capability (RC) competitions must hold an IWWF Licence in the future.

Overall Concept

·        The IWWF Licence is valid for the duration of a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

·        An athlete will only be permitted to participate in an event subject to Licence if he/she is in possession of an IWWF Licence valid for the year of the competition (USD25.00 for a Yearly Unlimited Licence or USD7.00 for a Single Competition Licence). See * below concerned Homologation Codes

·        The Athlete pays by credit card in US Dollars or Euros

·        Federations will be able to order Yearly Unlimited Licences in bulk for their respective National Teams (one single payment for several Licences). Families and Clubs will also be able to order their Licences in bulk with one single payment. The Licences will be designated for a specific Athlete and credited to his account in EMS. Licences will not be transferable to another Athlete. EMS will issue email confirmations/receipts.

·        The USD25.00 Yearly Unlimited Licence will be non-refundable.

·        The USD7.00 Single Competition Licence will be flexible and not linked to a specific event. It will be sold in form of “tickets” through the “Purchase IWWF Licences” function. If the competition is cancelled or the Athlete cancels the participation or is rejected, he will be credited with a ticket on his EMS “Licence Account” to be used for a future competition.

·        Plastic Licence cards will be NOT be issued: in case of control, the Athlete will easily be able to prove to be in possession of a valid Licence by showing his EMS “Licence Account” on his smartphone.

·        The Licence gives the right to participate in competitions of all disciplines.

·        The introduction of the IWWF Licence will begin with the Barefoot, Cableski, Wakeboard Boat, Wakeboard Cable** and Waterski disciplines as of 2021. The disciplines Disabled Ski, Racing, Show Ski and Wakesurf will follow later.  

Licence Purchasing Process

·        The Licence Purchasing function will be activated on January 4, 2021 and Athletes registering to competitions subject to an IWWF Licence (see * on the bottom of this document) will be checked whether they hold a Licence.

·        An Athlete will be able to purchase the Licence from his personal Welcome Page in the EMS member section after Login by clicking on the following green “Purchase IWWF Licences” button (click here): ·                                                                

·        Non-EMS Users like parents who want to order the Licence for their children or clubs who want to order the Licence for their members can do so by clicking on the above green “Purchase IWWF Licenses” button on the IWWF Website (click here). They will be subject to a check of their e-mail address for security reasons.

·        The purchasing process is quick and self-explanatory: select a season, a currency, an Athlete (can be several Athletes for families), License type, quantity (for single-use Licenses), then click check-out and follow the instructions for the payment by credit card.

·        If an Athlete doesn’t find his name in the Athlete selection box, it’s because he is not a member of the EMS system yet. In this case, he must contact his Club or his National Federation and ask to be registered/ invited as an EMS member.

·        After payment, an e-mail order/payment confirmation will follow as a proof and the Athlete will also be able to check his Licence status at the bottom of his personal Profile in EMS.

·        National Federation EMS Administrators ordering Licences in bulk for their Federation will have to order directly from their personal welcome page in the EMS member section.


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Best Regards,

The EMS Project Team

* IWW Licence required for competitions based on Homologation Codes: Barefoot/Waterski: Record Capability, Ranking List. Cableski: Record Capability, Normal. Wakeboard Boat/Wakeboard Cable: 3 to 6 Stars

**The Licence purchasing program will be activated to the Wakeboard Cable Riders once their discipline is integrated in EMS, during the 1st quarter 2021.


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