EMS Newsletter #7


Please find attached our EMS Newsletter #7 with: - important reminders - new functionalities available in EMS - Information on the new IWWF Licence


1.     EMS is available for all kinds of competitions including national events. Federations/Organisers can choose Grassroot, Club, Regional, National competitions as well as Ranking List or Record Capability events when creating a competition in EMS.   

2.      From 2021 it will be effective that competitions and participants must be registered in EMS and electronically downloaded to the IWWF Scoring System. Participants will have to register to events directly in the EMS System and no more via email or registration form to the Organiser as done in the past. Scorers will not be able to register RL/RC competitions manually in the IWWF Scoring System anymore.

3.     How to run a competition with EMS? Please see Newsletter #6

4.     What are the tasks of the Scorer in EMS and the Scoring System? Please see Newsletter #6

New Functionalities available in EMS


As part of EMS Version 2 we have implemented the new function of “Entry Options” which you will find on the “Competition Details” in the lower part on the right side. Subsequently the description of the new fields:

Entry Type

·       “Open”: Any Athlete registered in EMS can register to the competition as long as the registration period is open. “Open” is the default code proposed when registering a new competition

·       “Invitational”: Only the “Organiser” can register the participants (the Athletes cannot). With this option the Organizer has full control over the registrations (who he wants to accept and when)

Entry Status

·       “Registration Pending”: Default code when registering a new competition. It is recommended to leave the code “Pending” as long as the Entry Details of the Organizer are not finalized and published. When the code is set “Pending”, participation registrations cannot be done by the Athlete, Organizer or Federation Administrator

·       “Registration Open”: Registration is open for participations of Entry Type “Open” (see above) by Athletes, Organizers and Federation Administrators

·       “Registration Closed”: Registrations no more possible 

Entry Limit

·       Number of participants accepted to participate (no entry means unlimited participation). When the Entry Limit is reached, EMS will set the registrations to Status “Waiting List” and the Organizer can “Accept” or “Reject” the Athlete through the appropriate buttons appearing on the Participation List

Entry Deadline

·       Date deadline for registration. After this date registrations will be put on the Waiting List (see Entry Limit). Organiser may also set the “Entry Status” to “Registration Closed”.


It is now possible to indicate the Homologation level per Event.


·       Already for some time there is an Email function available under the Menu item TOOLS

·       You can create an email in EMS to be sent to the recipients as per the Search Filters selected.

·       The sender address of the email is an EMS system address. For replies do not use your Reply button in your email system but the email address of the person who created the email and who is mentioned in the mail.

·       For data protection reasons the email addresses of the recipients are not displayed, just the names. 


Similar as in the Mail Tool you can send an email to all Participants of the Competition (Jury Panel, Athletes, Federation Contacts) through the Email tab on the Competition Details.


      See functionalities in preparation for the 1st quarter 2021 and during the year in our Newsletter #6.

New IWWF Licence

Please find attached a message from the IWWF Executive Board to the Federations on this subject. Based on a decision made at the 2019 IWWF Congress in Malaysia, all athletes wishing to register for Ranking List (RL) / Record Capability (RC) competitions must hold an IWWF Licence in the future. The introduction of the IWWF Licence will begin with the Barefoot, Cableski, Wakeboard Boat, Wakeboard Cable and Waterski disciplines as of January 2021 (see * below concerned Homologation Codes). The disciplines Disabled Ski, Racing, Show Ski and Wakesurf will follow in 2022.

You will receive additional technical information on the Licence Purchasing Process mid-December with our Newsletter #8. The Licence Purchasing function will be activated in EMS on January 4, 2021.



If you need more information about EMS please refer to the appropriate video tutorial which you can find on the EMS Home/ Calendar screen by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the RESOURCE item or through the following website access https://ems.iwwf.sport/Legal/Resources . Please contact Peter Frei peterfrei@iwwf.sport  if you have questions or need a ZOOM demonstration on the EMS System.

Your EMS Project Team

* IWW Licence required for competitions based on Homologation Codes: Barefoot/Waterski: Record Capability, Ranking List. Cableski: Record Capability, Normal. Wakeboard Boat/Wakeboard Cable: 3 to 6 Stars

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