EMS Newsletter #6


Please find attached our IWWF Event Management System (EMS) Newsletter #6 with updated information on: • How to run a competition with EMS? • Task of the Scorer in EMS and the Scoring System • Further EMS functionalities in preparation


1.     The use of EMS by all National Federations will enter into application as from January 1, 2021. 2020 has been an introduction and transition year for the National Federations to create their EMS Athletes and Officials database and run some competitions as tests in parallel to the present systems.

2.     If not already done, please create your Athletes and Officials database in EMS, i.e.:

-       REGISTER your Athletes/Officials who are not yet in the EMS database. This concerns Barefoot, Cable Ski, Disabled,

Wakeboard Boat, Wakesurf and Waterskiing (Wakeboard Cable will follow during the 1st quarter 2021)

-      INVITE them to log into the system so they can register for competitions from 2021 (see Newsletter #5)

-     INFORM your event Organisers and Athletes that as from 2021 registrations for competitions can only be done through

EMS vs previous registration means (results will not be taken into consideration for Ranking-Lists if registrations are not

done through EMS).

How to run a competition with EMS?

It is recommended that the Federations who have not run any test competitions through EMS yet should run at least one selective competition with registration of the participants through EMS before EMS enters into live application. From January 1, 2021 competitions must be run through EMS with automatic download of the participants’ data to the Scoring System. The recommended process is as follows:

1.     A competition must be registered in EMS by the Organiser. If the Organiser is not yet registered in EMS as a Member, he must be invited by his Federation Administrator from the “Members & Officials” Profile (blue “Invite to EMS button”).

2.     The EMS Federation Administrator can Accept/Reject the competition through the appropriate buttons on the competition screen. Federation Administrators are alerted of any pending approvals of competitions with an appropriate message on top of their Welcome screen.

3.     A National Federation may choose to register their competitions centrally through their Federation Administrator and not through the Organisers. In that case, in order that the Organiser has access to the competition, the Organiser must be assigned in the respective field on the competition screen (bottom right).  

4.     The Athletes must be instructed by the Organisers to register through EMS (e.g. Information bulletin)

5.     The Athletes must register to competitions in the Member Section after having logged-in with their password. If an Athlete has not yet been invited to join EMS, he must contact his Federation Administrator to get his Login information.

6.     An Official can be applied to the Jury Panel by the Organiser, by the Federation Administrator or the Official can apply himself to become part of the Jury Panel. Officials who are not yet EMS Users have to contact their Federation Administrator to be invited as an EMS Official.

7.     The Organiser may send emails to participants through the “Email” button on the Competition screen.  

Tasks of the Scorer in EMS and the Scoring System

1.     To fulfil his task in EMS the Scorer must be registered as Scorer in the Jury Panel of the competition.

2.     Once the registration of Athletes’ participations has been closed the Scorer can download the competition data including all registered participants through the menu button “Download File” on the EMS Competition screen. This function creates the import file to the Scoring System.

3.     The Scorer now imports the XML file created by EMS to the Scoring System through a special button “Import EMS file” on the Entry Screen of the Scoring System.

4.     By scrolling through the “Setup Assistant” of the Scoring System the Scorer will see all the data imported from EMS and must add information the Scoring System additionally needs. He may adapt information if changes have occurred. 

5.     Once the Setup Assistant has been finished the Scorer can run the competition as done in the past. All participants are imported from the Participant List in EMS automatically. The Scorer can create the start-lists, the competition programme, etc., enter the scores of the participants and create the individual and team classification (if applicable).

6.     At the end of the competition he saves the Scorebook and publishes the competition through the “E&A competition dossier” and the “IWWF competition dossier” (Waterski only) in the “Publish” function.

7.     Since 2020 is a preparation/test year in EMS the final results of this year are not exported to EMS but will be in 2021 through the “Results” button on the EMS Competition screen. The buttons “Livestreaming URL” and “Attachments” will only become active for competitions in 2021.

8.     If Athletes turn up on site and are accepted by the Organiser to participate, the Scorer may add those participants in the Scoring System. He must however add them to the EMS Participant List before doing the upload of results otherwise the upload cannot take place.

9.     All competition results of 2020 published on the website “E&A Competition results and Ranking Lists” and on the IWWF World Ranking List for Waterski will be electronically migrated to EMS as per December 31, 2020.

 Further EMS functionalities in preparation

Will be available in the 1st quarter of 2021

       IWWF Licence as per decision IWWF Congress Malaysia 2019

       Implementation EMS for Wakeboard Cable

       Collection of Entry Fees for Organisers

       Calculations of Ranking Lists for all disciplines

       Integrated Titled Events Entry List and Intention to Enter processes 

       Additions of data fields in Athletes profile

       Seminars Management

       Various enhancements for more user’s comfort, supporting Sports Councils, etc.

Foreseen for implementation in 2021

       Sanctioning module to be developed with the interested Confederations/Federations

       Possible integration of further Sport disciplines: Kneeboarding, Racing, Show Ski

       Specific requirements from Athletes

       Sanctioning module to be developed with the interested Confederations/Federations

       Possible integration of further Sport disciplines: Kneeboarding, Racing, Show Ski

       Specific requirements from Athletes

 EMS Newsletter 6.pdf