EMS Newsletter #5


See attached some reminders, important information regarding the organisation of competitions in 2020, EMS Video Tutorials and Family Account now available, Merge Tool for Athletes and Officials now available and some most frequently asked questions

REMINDERS • Please change the dates of your postponed competitions on the EMS Calendar or cancel those who will not take place due to the Coronavirus crisis. Here how to do it: Change of date: Change the Start and End Date on the Competition screen. If the competition is postponed but the new date not known yet, put a comment in the Competition Name, e.g. “Postponed; new date open/to be decided”. Cancellation: Press the red button “Cancel Competition” on the bottom of the Competition screen • Please make your Athletes aware of EMS: they will have to use it when registering to competitions. You will find our second EMS video HERE for publication on your websites, Newsletters, social media, etc. • If not yet done, please start registering/inviting your Officials and Athletes into the System. It is in the interest of the National Federations to have a clean and complete database available in EMS. We recommend that you inform your Officials and Athletes by email before launching your invitations to confirm their registrations in the EMS system. Here a template you may use translated to your local language to inform your Athletes/Officials: “Dear Officials/Athletes. The new IWWF EMS Event Management System website https://ems.iwwf.sport is now open to you by means of a "Member Login”. You will receive an email of invitation to register into this system. Please click "I agree" on this email and register with the password of your choice. You will then be able to administer your personal profile and register to competitions in EMS. If you do not receive this email of invitation, please look at your spam/trash folder since it may have been identified as spam by your provider. For further questions, please contact XXXXXX (Name and email of the Federation contact).” IMPORTANT MESSAGE! FROM WHEN TO RUN COMPETITIONS THROUGH EMS AS A TEST? Due to the Coronavirus crisis many National Federations have not yet been able to complete their tasks to invite their active Athletes/Officials. Also, since many events have been cancelled or postponed, Organisers have not all been trained to run events through EMS. We advise Federations to reserve sufficient time for this training and start running selective events as a test through EMS earliest from August 2020. If you have planned to run a competition through EMS earlier please coordinate this event with Peter Frei, EMS Project Manager at peter.frei@freipw.ch in order that we can plan the support. Also, be aware that we are in a pilot/test year and it is not planned that Federations run all their 2020 events through EMS but rather select a few events as tests during the remaining of the season. The use of EMS for Ranking List competitions will only become necessary by January 1, 2021. Consequently, Federations and Organisers can run their events taking place in 2020 as done in the past, which should give them enough time to familiarize with EMS. EMS VIDEO TUTORIALS NOW AVAILABLE Video tutorials are now available to help you walk through the EMS System. You find them under footnote RESOURCES on the Home/Main EMS Screen https://ems.iwwf.sport/ (scroll down to the bottom). Many thanks to Morten Froulund for having prepared these tutorials. FAMILY ACCOUNT (DEPENDENT FAMILY MEMBERS) Like most online platforms, the EMS login is based on the user's personal email address because an email address is present to the user and there is little risk that it will be forgotten. A login must be unique and cannot be used multiple times in a system. Therefore, it is necessary that every user has his own unique email address, which should not be a problem, since email providers generally provide such free of charge. However, for children/spouses who do not have a personal email address, we have created a Family Account Feature which allows parents to manage their “Dependent” children or spouses with one common Login. The feature to create a “Dependent” is available for Federations Administrators under menu item “My Users” and is easy to use. We have created a Tutorial video for this new function at https://vimeo.com/427890927 . For further questions on the Family Account please contact Peter Frei, EMS Project Manager at peter.frei@freipw.ch MERGE TOOL FOR ATHLETES AND OFFICIALS Migrated data show a lot of persons existing twice or more in the database (mis-spellings, German «Umlaut» example «Günther» vs. «Guenther», etc.). These duplications should be cleaned-up in the database by the National Federation Administrators in order to ensure accuracy of the competition results in the Scoring System and Ranking Lists. A new function “Merge Tool” will become available for Federation Administrators/Users next week which will allow to merge two names in the database. The tool will transfer all data (profile details, competition participations, competition results, jury panel participations) from one name to another. Once the merge has been done, the wrong name can be deleted. If the same person exists more than twice, the same procedure can be applied for the remaining duplicates. The function is self-explanatory and will be available under the Member Section Menu item “Merge Tool” on the left side of the screen. MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How can an Athlete (skier/rider) register for the participation in an event/competition? The Athlete has to login into EMS with his email ID and password, chooses the menu item “My Competitions” and adds his participation to an event by pressing the blue “New Participation” button and selecting the competition he wants to register. For more details refer to the video tutorial “EMS role and functions of the Athlete” under the EMS Home Screen in the section RESOURCES of the footnotes (scroll down on the EMS Home Screen). Can an Organizer or Federation Administrator register Athletes to an event? If an Organiser chooses not to let Athletes register on-line in an event, he can do so and must inform the potential Athletes accordingly. Consequently, Athletes will register to the competition through traditional means (email, entry forms, local system) and it will be Organiser who will enter the participants in EMS. For more details refer to the video tutorial “EMS role and function of the Organiser” under the EMS Home Screen in the section RESOURCES of the footnotes (scroll down on the EMS Home Screen). Who can register a new Competition Site? A Federation Administrator/User can create new Sites and update existing ones. The Site code can be defined by the Federation normally with the leading 3-digit country code. A site is not discipline dependant and can serve for all disciplines, e.g. if a site offers facilities for Waterski and Wakeboard one site registration can be registered but it is also possible to register a site per discipline.

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