EMS Newsletter #2



JUNE 1, 2020 START DATE TO RUN COMPETITIONS THROUGH EMS In order that all parties of a Federation are informed and ready to fully run competitions through EMS, it will take about three months including tests in progress. Based on this we recommend to start with the competitions taking place after June 1, 2020. Competitions taking place earlier must be run according to existing procedures. HOW AND WHEN TO REGISTER YOUR ATHLETES INTO THE EMS SYSTEM? RECOMMENDED PROCEDURE: Based on our experience with the Pilot Countries that have already entered their Athletes into the System, we recommend the following actions. This is a ONE-TIME EXERCISE that you have to do within the next few weeks to update the EMS database. We suggest that you concentrate on the Athletes that participated in competitions in 2018 and 2019… not the older ones! • Launch the invitations of Athletes to the EMS by clicking the “Invite to EMS” button on the Athletes’ screen and do a little follow-up a few days later by using the “Resend Invitation” button in the "My Users" menu function because some do not read their emails regularly…! Invite only Barefoot, Cableski, Disabled, Wakeboard Boat and Waterski Athletes but not Cablewakeboard that will start only on January 1, 2021 • Send an e-mail to the Athletes that you have invited. See recommended template e-mail below. We think that such an information e-mail will catch the attention of your Athletes and avoid many questions to you during the season or just before the competitions. • Inform the Competition Organisers about their role, support them to get familiarised with EMS and ask them to mention in their Bulletins, for all competitions taking place after June 1, 2020: "Attention! Registrations on the new EMS Event Management System site of the IWWF https://ems.iwwf.sport. You must previously be registered on this site as an athlete. If not yet done, please contact XXXXXX (e-mail….)". Invite the Organisers to EMS through the Members/Officials screen, clicking on the “Invite to EMS” button and allocating the Organiser role and the appropriate Federation. RECOMMENDED TEMPLATE E-MAIL TO YOUR ATHLETES: “Dear Skiers/Riders, The 2020 season begins with a change in our computer habits! IWWF has created a new System called EMS (Event Management System) which we will use for competitions starting June 1, 2020. Please find under https://iwwf.sport/iwwf-ems-at-a-glance/ what the EMS plans to do for the Federations, the Organisers and the Athletes during 2020 and early 2021. The EMS website (https://ems.iwwf.sport) is now opened to Athletes by mean of a "member login". You have recently received an "invitation e-mail" to register on this website. If not already done, please click "I accept" on this e-mail and register with the password of your choice. You will then be able to administer your personal profile and register for the competitions in due course, once the competition Bulletins have been published by the Organisers. For further questions, please contact XXXXXX (Name and e-mail of the Federation contact).” ADDITIONAL FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHY DO FEDERATIONS HAVE TO INVITE ATHLETES TO REGISTER INTO THE EMS? As explained before, it is a ONE-TIME exercise and gives the following advantages for the National Federations: • Control correct Last/First Name and birthdate to avoid wrong ages category allocations (cheatings!) • Make sure that only members/licence holders of a Federation can register to EMS competitions • To have a clean database for future use by the Federation • 5’232 historical competition results since 2006 have been migrated from Emmanuel Lion’s and Bob Corson’s databases. Through the invitation process the Federation creates the link between an Athlete’s profile, his Login and these historical data. HOW TO REGISTER AND INVITE YOUR OFFICIALS INTO THE NEW EMS SYSTEM? For disciplines Cableski, Disable and Waterski Officials have been migrated through existing files delivered by the respective Councils. Officials can be invited similar to Athletes but through the Members & Officials screen by selecting the appropriate Member/Official, clicking the “Invite to EMS” button and indicate the e-mail of the Member/Official. IS EMS ONLY FOR RANKING LIST COMPETITIONS OR CAN WE ALSO USE IT FOR OUR NATIONAL EVENTS? Besides International Ranking List competitions, EMS can be freely used to administer/run all sort of national competitions (club & grass-root events, regional/national competitions, etc.). Results from national competitions/events will not be counted for the International Ranking List. EMS will become mandatory for all National Federations and disciplines Barefoot, Cable Wakeboard, Cableski, Disable, Wakeboard Boat and Waterski for all International Ranking List competitions taking place from January 1, 2021. WHAT WILL BE THE ROLE OF SCORERS/CALCULATORS? Scorers have a central role in EMS as in the past when it comes to run scores, publish starting lists, live-scores and final results of competitions. Those Federations/scorers using the Lion Scoring Systems will be able to download the Jury Panel, participants of the competition from EMS to the Scoring System and will not need to register those elements manually into the Scoring System. Subsequently he can upload start-lists and live-scores to EMS during the competition and upload the final results after completion of the competition. More information how to use EMS by scorers will be part of the upcoming Newsletter #3. WHAT CHANGES/ENHANCEMENTS HAVE BEEN INTRODUCED IN EMS RECENTLY? • Country Code shown besides flag on the Members/Officials and Site screens like for Athletes & Competitions • For each column of the Calendar the sort can now be inversed by clicking on the up/down flag • Web address now available on Federation screen • New invited users have now to click the acceptance of the Privacy Policy • You can now jump between the Member to the Public Section by clicking on the IWWF EMS button (top right) and vice versa from the Public to the Member Section by clicking the Login ID without having to re-enter the latter • Many reported errors have been corrected. Thanks to the help of the Pilot Countries. ------------------------- Please feel free to give your comments or ask questions to: EMS Project Manager: Peter Frei treasurer@iwwf.sport or EMS Administrator: Hannu Rintanen ems-admin@iwwf.sport -------------------------- Thanks for your attention Your EMS Project Team Peter Frei, Morten Froulund, Hannu Rintanen

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