EMS Newsletter #4


See attached some reminders, recommendations about postponed/cancelled competitions, message to the Wakeboard Boat Community, most frequently asked questions, etc.... and more!

IMPORTANT REMINDERS • Be aware that from January 1, 2021 the World Ranking Lists will only include results of Ranking List competitions that are run in EMS • We recommend that you inform your Officials and Athletes by e-mail before launching your invitations to confirm their registrations in the EMS system (see recommended procedure in our Newsletter #2) POSTPONED / CANCELLED COMPETITIONS You can change the dates of your postponed competitions in EMS or cancel those who will not take place due to the situation with Coronavirus. Here how to do it: Cancellation: Press the red button “Cancel Competition” on the bottom of the Competition screen; Change of date: Change the Start and End Date on the Competition screen. MESSAGE TO THE WAKEBOARD BOAT COMMUNITY Please start registering and inviting your Wakeboard Boat Officials into the EMS System. Same for your Riders. It is in the interest of the National Federations and Wakeboard Boat Community to have a clean and complete database available in EMS. MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I change the Email address used as login to EMS? Click on the Login email address on top right of any screen in the Member Section. Press the “Change Email” function and the “Change Email” screen appears. Now press the green “Change Email” button. An invitation email will be sent to you where you have to click on the “I approve” function. Your Login is now based on your new email. How are the Competition Codes allocated? Before EMS the Competition Codes were manually allocated by the Federations for the Lion Scoring System. In EMS, the code is automatically created by the system on the basis yyFFFxxx (yy=year, FFF=Country Code, xxx=sequence number); for titled events on the basis yyFFFFxx (FFFF=IWWF for World Championships, AFRI, ASIA, EURO, OCEA and PANA for Confederation Championships). Who is responsible to control the Birthdates, Names and Gender of the Athletes in EMS? The Birthdate, Last/First Name and Gender must be controlled by the Federation Administrator when entering/updating the Athletes / Member & Official profiles and are part of the mandatory fields besides the Federation and Country of Origin information. These information fields can only be registered/updated by the Federation Administrator/User but not by the Athlete or Member/Official himself for security reasons since these information fields drive the allocation of age categories when registering to competitions. Can I get an Excel export of data from EMS? In the Filters function of the Menu items Federations, Athletes, Members & Officials, Sites, Competition Participants and User List (planned) you find a green button “Export to Excel”. By clicking this button an appropriate list of the function is provided in Excel format (bottom left of screen) with some leading information but without the email address and the contact details for data protection reasons. Can I use the EMS directories to send e-mails to selected Athletes & Officials directly from EMS? EMS Version 2 (availability planned for October 2020) will provide an email function for Organisers, Federation/Confederation/Discipline Administrators from the search screens of the Federation, Athletes, Members & Officials, Competitions Participants and User List functions to be sent to the selected people. NEED AN EMS DEMONSTRATION BY VIDEOCONFERENCE? Should you need a demonstration of the EMS system by videoconference (Skype/Zoom) or s specific questions to be discussed, please contact Peter Frei, EMS Project Manager at treasurer@iwwf.sport . We also plan to make video tutorials available at a later date. EMS PROMOTION Here is our first EMS commercial. A second one will be published soon. Please do not hesitate to use them to promote our new Event Management System in your Federation via website and social media. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Of course, the EMS system is also usable on iPads and Smartphones.

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